Our current programmes

Our current programmes


Our Fellowship programmes are built around a comprehensive framework of universal themes, which cover every aspect of society. Within each universal theme, we offer a programme of Fellowships that addresses a particular topical issue or challenge in the UK. These programmes are developed in consultation with our Advisory Council of subject specialists and are refreshed every few years.

Maxine Mackintosh writing on a whiteboard
Maxine Mackintosh (CF 2018) explored data science-inspired collaboration and intervention Download 'Our annual themes_Maxine Mackintosh.jpg'

Our range of current programmes for Fellowships to be awarded in 2024 are:

Fellows awarded in these programmes will form part of a dedicated community specialising in their chosen area, with tailored opportunities for support and networking in the relevant field.

In 2024, we offered an open option for any projects which fell outside of this range, provided they fitted our general criteria. Previous Fellows who have been funded under our open category include Esther Foreman, Derek Bardowell and Michael Davies.

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