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Ideas & experts


Churchill Fellows are a unique source of ideas from around the world for hundreds of today’s issues.

You can access their expertise via our Fellows’ Directory and Ideas Library, or read their latest thoughts in our blogs. You can also find a specific Fellow or Report by name, using the search field at the top right of this page.

Sylvie Fourcin taking part in a programme with a group of adults
Sylvie Fourcin (CF 2014, centre) explored how participatory arts can be used to engage with older people Download 'Ideas and experts_Sylvie Fourcin.jpg'
“The Churchill Fellowship is a community of inspiring individuals exchanging ideas and making connections with the rest of the world.” - Julia Weston, Chief Executive

They have explored practical innovations in every field around the world – in health, the environment, communities, culture, science, education, public services, economics, citizenship, governance, equity and much more.

Their knowledge is based on meeting leading practitioners and seeing successful projects in their chosen topics all over the world – and then adapting those insights for use in the UK.

These are real-world topics, not academic studies, and many Fellows come from the frontline of their issues. They continue to be involved in them, becoming knowledge leaders and influencers, with global networks based on their research.

Fellows are always keen to share their insights and ideas, and many are available for collaboration, training, talks or services connected to their projects.

You can access their expertise via our Fellows’ Directory or Ideas Library, read their latest thoughts in our blogs, and make contact through their Profile pages.

If you’re looking for material in a particular area of interest, you can browse our themes on the tag cloud below, or type into the search field above.

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