Churchill Fellows took action against Covid-19 in a multitude of crucial areas – from frontline healthcare to food supply, remote working, domestic abuse, rural isolation and more. In 2020, we supported this vital work with a three-year Covid-19 Action Plan offering grants, collaboration, knowledge-sharing and lessons learnt for the future.

Stories of Fellows' impact in this area can be read using the page menu.

Churchill Fellow Allison Sykes wearing full PPE
Allison Sykes (CF 2018) explored ways of improving patient outcomes and minimising risk in high level isolation units Download 'Covid-19_Allison Sykes.jpg'
“This year has seen the Churchill Fellowship rise swiftly to the challenge of combating Covid-19 across the UK.” – Jeremy Soames, Chairman

Our Covid-19 Action Plan

This was a major focus for us in 2020-22. Created at speed when the lockdown first began, the plan had four key points:

  • Grants Our Covid-19 Action Fund provided grants for Churchill Fellows to increase their vital contribution to the national effort against Covid-19. The fund made three rounds of grants totalling £1,072,070. We will not be offering further grants through this fund.
  • Collaboration Our Covid-19 Action Network is an online forum where Fellows can share ideas and request assistance from each other on Covid-19 activities. Fellows can join the Network here.
  • Knowledge-sharing Our website and social media channels publicise relevant activities and recommendations from Fellows.
  • Lessons learnt A report and film based on Fellows' learnings from the pandemic period can be viewed here.

Lessons learnt

In August 2021 we published a report and film in which Fellows reflect on their lessons learnt during the pandemic.


We would like to thank the trusts, foundations, major givers and individual donors who have helped to fund this vital work. It would not have been possible without their generosity, involvement and enthusiasm.

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