The Activate Fund

The Activate Fund

The Activate Fund


The Churchill Fellowship is a community of 3,800 changemakers developing new solutions for the UK’s most pressing problems. A key focus for us is to support the impact they are making in their communities and sectors across the UK – and in 2020 we launched a pilot grant scheme to support this.

Stories of Activate grant recipients can be found in the page menu.

Michael Davies teaching a group of students
Michael Davies (CF 2015) researched ways of teaching controversial histories in schools Download 'Our impact_Activate Fund_Michael Davies.jpg'
"Churchill Fellows continue to inspire us in how they are tackling these issues." – Katie Baldock, Fellowship Support Manager

The Activate Fund is a pilot project exploring how best we can support Fellows’ UK impact. In the past, our financial support for Fellows focused mainly on their research phase and especially their global travels. However, extensive consultation with Fellows has indicated that the post-research phase would benefit from financial assistance too.

At the moment, when Fellows have completed their researches and are ready to share their knowledge and turn their ideas into action in the UK, they are offered help in a range of ways – to distil their findings and plans, write an effective Report, establish a project or campaign and reach influencers and adopters. It is becoming clear that, in some cases, additional funds to disseminate and implement new ideas and programmes could be transformational.

The Activate Fund has been developed to explore this financial need. It was designed in consultation with Fellows and is being evaluated throughout a three-year pilot phase. At the end of this period, we hope to understand the best way in which additional funds can support Fellows’ UK work. We can then create a permanent fund to achieve this.

Currently the Fund offers one-off grants to Fellows within a set period after their research phase. These must be used for UK not overseas activity. All eligible Fellows are contacted when it opens for applications.

In 2020, the first round of Activate grants awarded £101,000 to seven Fellows for projects ranging from rural care services to ocean pollution. In 2021, the second round awarded just over £524,000 to 21 Fellows for projects ranging from young people’s wellbeing to sustainable food. In 2022, the third round awarded £590,688 to 22 Fellows for projects ranging from neonatal care to support for migrants. We are now in the process of evaluating the Fund.

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