Prison reform

Prison reform

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This theme covers topics relating to prison and penal reform including ways to reduce reoffending in the UK. Many Fellows have undertaken projects addressing this over the years including as part of our recent programme of Fellowships developed in partnership with The Prison Reform Trust in 2013-2015. Partnership stories

Photograph of Alex South

Fellows' updates July 2023 Fellow's update: Alex South

Former prison officer, Alex South (CF 2017) has written a book about her time as a prison officer called 'Behind These Doors'. It was recently serialised in the Sunday Times and selected as a Radio 4 Book of the Week. Alex also spoke on 'Womans Hour'about it in July and appeared in The Guardian. The final chapter of the book is about her Fellowship and the incredible experiences she had abroad.

By Alex South, 2023

Photograph of Mark Walsh

Fellows' updates May 2023 Fellow's update: Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh (CF 2013), previously a Police Support Volunteer and founder of the Community Court, has change career and is driving trains. In May this year he was elected onto his local council as an independent Councillor and following a rigorous selection process; Mark was recently informed that the Lord Chief Justice approved the recommendation for him to be appointed as a Justice of the Peace for England and Wales. Mark's Fellowship focused on developing viable alternatives for youth offenders including peer courts and restorative justice.

By Mark Walsh, 2023

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