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Arts and culture

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This theme covers all aspects of the arts, crafts and creative industries, including their social, cultural and economic aspects. It is one of the eight universal themes which form our grantmaking framework and allow us to address every aspect of society. Fellows’ stories

Fellows' updates July 2023 Fellow's update: Maria Amidu

Artist Maria Amidu (CF 2013) has been awarded the third and final Future Collect commission, which supports the creation of a major new work of art by a British based artist of African and/or Asian descent, for exhibition and acquisition at Towner Eastbourne in 2024. Maria has also done doctoral research which grew out of her Fellowship.

By Maria Amidu, 2023

Fellows' updates June 2023 Fellow's update: Kathy Hall

Self-employed teacher, presenter and promoter of Chinese opera, Kathy Hall (CF 2004) focused her Fellowship on Kunqu opera, so that she could further her Kunqu performance skills in Hangzhou, China. Kathy was invited by the British Museum to perform an excerpt from the Peking Opera, The Imperial Concubine Intoxicated -The Hundred Flowers Pavilion on June 9 2023 at the close of the 2-day Conference: China's 1800s -Material and Visual Culture. In the same evening, Kathy performed an excerpt from the Kunqu Opera, The Palace of Eternal Youth - the Intimate Feast. This was an informative comparison and contrast between the two major Chinese Opera genres in music, singing, and movements.

By Kathy Hall, 2023

Fellows' updates April 2023 Fellow's update: Agathe Sorel

We are sad to report the death of Artist Agathe Sorel (CF 1966). Agathe's obituary in the Jewish Chronicle describes her Churchill Fellowship where she travelled around the US and Mexico, meeting fellow printmakers and learning their methods. Agathe was particularly inspired by unconventional printmaking.

By Agatha Sorel, 2023

Fellows' updates March 2023 Fellow's update: Maria Gasparian

Ceramic artist, Maria Gasparian (CF 2016) has been commissioned by Wandsworth Borough Council to create public artwork for a new housing development in Battersea. Maria's artwork is inspired by the legacy of Jesse and Henry Rust Victorian mosaic manufacturers, who produced colourful vitreous mosaics in Battersea and lived on Randall Street, which is now the Surrey Lane Estate. Maria says she hopes the artwork will bring vibrancy and fun to the outdoor spaces.

By Maria Gasparian, 2023

Fellows' updates March 2023 Fellow's update: Douglas Hollick

Classical artist, Douglas Hollick (CF 2000) has released his latest organ CD, recorded in the Chapel of Trinity College Cambridge on the renowned Metzler organ. One of the objectives of his Fellowship was to visit collections of early keyboard instruments, and churches with their great 17th century organs. This new recording traces the huge influence of the Netherlands organ builders in North Germany. The Metzler organ in Trinity Chapel is ideal for this repertoire, with a historical unequal tuning rather than modern equal temperament, and with an ability to re create many of the typical registrations of the period.

By Douglas Hollick, 2023

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