A new look for the Churchill Fellowship

A new look for the Churchill Fellowship

Today we are thrilled to announce two exciting developments for the Churchill Fellowship.

The first is the creation of this new website to better showcase Churchill Fellows’ ideas and activities across every area of society.

The second is that we have taken this opportunity to simplify our name so that it reflects who we are today. From today we will be known as ‘the Churchill Fellowship’.

Julia Weston, Churchill Fellowship Chief Executive Download 'Julia Weston_Staff.JPG'

The Fellowship is a network of 3,800 dedicated and dynamic individuals who are championing new ideas and practices in every field, based on personal experience and global insights. Through this new website we hope their vital work will be better presented and more accessible.

On this site you will find ideas and experts on almost every topic in contemporary life. You can search for material by themes you’re interested in, browse the Fellows Directory or catch our latest news and views. Every Fellow has their own Profile page, where you can read their global reports and connect with them to start a conversation or collaboration.

If you’re encountering the Fellowship for the first time, you can read about how it works, how Fellows are making a collective impact across the UK, how you can apply to become a Fellow yourself or ways to support our work. You can also sign up below to receive Fellows’ blogs on topical issues - they’re always thought-provoking.

"Fellows value the sense of belonging to a community of practical changemakers, who work on every issue facing society." – Julia Weston, Chief Executive

You may be wondering why we have made these changes at this time. Quite simply our ten-year-old website had come to the end of its useful life and no longer allowed us to present Fellows and their work appropriately. And for some time we have known that our previous name was confusing, as it did not reflect what we are about. So in 2019 our Trustees took the decision to address both issues.

We consulted hundreds of Fellows to help us find the answers – and along the way we learnt a lot, including what Fellows valued most in the Fellowship. Many said that it was the sense of belonging to a community of practical changemakers, who work on every issue facing society. They also highlighted the openness of the Fellowship, that the opportunity is available to all and that ideas on every subject are welcome. We have tried to capture and convey that spirit.

I hope you enjoy exploring this new site, perhaps seeking specific ideas or individual Fellows, or perhaps browsing and coming across something new that you didn’t know about.

Whatever your approach, I hope that you find inspiration – and come back for more.

Julia Weston is Chief Executive of the Churchill Fellowship.

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