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This theme covers topics relating to the pandemic and the minimisation of its effects across society including healthcare, domestic abuse, food poverty, mental health, education and more. It is an area of topical interest supported by our Covid-19 Action Fund. Fellows' stories

Photograph of Churchill Fellow Saeida Rouass

Fellows' updates March 2023 Fellow's update: Saeida Rouass

Saeida Rouass (CF 2019), trustee of the Al-Hasaniya Moroccan women's centre in west London reported that Edward Argar, Minister for Victims and Sentencing recently visited the centre. At this meeting Saeida's report on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Moroccan and Arabic speaking women and services in west London was launched. Saeida's report was funded by our Covid-19 Action Fund Grant.

By Saeida Rouass, 2023

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