Our funding

Our funding


The Churchill Fellowship is a charity established through donations from the public. Today we are funded through individual donations and grants from charitable institutions.

We welcome conversations about collaboration and support.

Our annual accounts are here.

Churchill Fellow Alice Stott sat at a table engaged in conversation with another woman
Alice Stott (CF 2018, left) explored ways of reducing language deprivation and inequality Download 'Our funding_Alice Stott.jpg'

The Fellowship was established by public donations and a small government grant on the death of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965, by a nation grateful for his wartime leadership. The resulting endowment has allowed us to award some 5,800 Churchill Fellowships since then.

In recent years, we have worked in partnership with funding partners and donors to expand our activities. They have jointly funded Fellowships and contributed expertise in their sectors. Our 25th and 50th anniversary appeals received much-appreciated support from trusts, foundations and individuals.

Today our income derives from our endowment, grants and partnerships from trusts and foundations, and legacies and individual donations from Fellows and supporters.

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